Please note that we must treat face coverings as per underwear for obvious reasons, and as such all face covering items are non-returnable non-refundable. 

Before you order understand the process used for personalising the face coverings and the different quality limitations with each:

1. Pro-grade softstretch transfer (white face coverings only) - if you choose a multi-colour all over design, clearly you will be able to feel the transfer on top of the material. Additionally at hems or joins, the transfer may not be continuous when stretched. The main mask area should however stretch without breaking (hence the name softstretch). This is the same transfer as used on our other white garments and will get softer with washing. If you only require a logo in multi-colour without an all over background - the shape can be cut from the transfer using our contour cutter.

2. Pro-grade opaque transfer (white, grey, black face coverings) - because our printer does not print 'white' ink, an opaque transfer starts with a white background on which your image is printed. The same caveats as the item above apply. Opaque transfers are thicker to the feel.

3. Sublimation 'transfer' (white face coverings only) - multiple colour all over design with no surface feel to the material - the ink becomes part of the material. However in the case of our face coverings, the colours will be somewhat muted/faded since sublimated ink 'adheres' only to the polyester part of the fabric. The cotton to polyester mix is 50/50.

4. Simple designs with few colours, 1 or 2 (more is possible please ask) can utilize clothing vinyl. Great for text, simple shapes and silhouettes. The designs are all contour cut. Clothing vinyl is very thin and soft to the feel and can also be washed at warmer temperatures. The amount of work involved in a vinyl design is more involved and this is reflected in the price.